Gareth C.J. Wee

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Gareth C.J. Wee

Gareth mostly reports on issues that tackle social justice, creativity, and LGBT and youth empowerment. He is very passionate about helping people with disabilities, promoting a healthy and safe environment and including people who feel left out. He is also very welcoming of new comers to Vancouver, having moved here back in 2006.

He has volunteered for many organizations that aid people locally and internationally. Outside of reporting and editing for Outlook TV, Gareth is the co-writer and one of the colouring artists for an LGBT webcomic adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake www.princeandswan.comĀ . He loves learning new languages, singing, hiking and training at the Vancouver Circus School.

Gareth Cj. Wee graduated from Simon Fraser University specializing in design and wearable technology. He currently works as a designer for a quasi-government organization.

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