Emily Anne Fraser

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Emily Anne Fraser

Emily Anne Fraser has been a Vancouverite since she was just five years old. She and her family

moved here from Toronto Canada in 1995. One of her first memories was walking the sea wall at Stanley Park, and it was then she knew she could never leave this city. Growing up, she took a liking to theatre as early as grade 8 at Vancouver Technical Secondary, and has gone right through to post education earning her a degree in film production, two acting certificates, and several awards for her achievements in acting.

Emily has been a reporter for OutLook TV just shy of one year, and is now playing with the thought of tackling the world of journalism. Until then, she continues to work behind the scenes for various television shows such as The Flash, Supergirl, and Riverdale to name a few.
To see Emily on screen, you can catch her on “The Switch”. All episodes are on OutTV Go.

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